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Core Case innovates in the market by offering Smart Cases for storing drill cores with an identification and traceability system through QR codes and RFID technologies. The cases, produced with 100% recycled material, combine the company’s main product with the Core Case Tech service. The result is the best case on the market, with geological data management technology that offers a series of benefits for the mining company.



Smart Cases leave the factory ready for use with identification tags, printed QR codes and internal RFID chips. Using this code, cases become unique and can be managed at all process stages with Software Manager, such as stock management, box consumption controls, activity control and archiving and recording of the hole and core information. Thus promoting visibility and integration between geology, drilling, and core archive management.

By purchasing the appropriate Smart Cases for your project and carrying out training on the Manager system with the internal team, the cases will be ready for use.

In the field, drilling information is collected digitally, using a tablet that communicates the next step with the team in the warehouse, avoiding the rework of filling out spreadsheets and checking.

The identification of maneuver intervals and foreheads is carried out using a portable printer, avoiding the use of markers and ensuring the accuracy of the information. It is possible to record separators and maneuvers in advance and recovery and depth information with validation rules that reduce manual recording errors. Maneuver TAGs are printed using the same printing process as the fascia.

Once registered, cases can be identified in seconds through RFID technology using the reader.

There is also the possibility of integrating the Smart Case with witness scanners and photography platforms, as well as integrating data with other systems via API. After the information is collected in the warehouse, the Software Manager can manage it in real-time.

Facilitated management of input stocks with easily accessible information for decision-making, such as purchase orders for stock renewal.

The distribution records of stock cases for the various survey executors allow for monitoring of the consumption and use of stock, providing control for possible losses or deviations.

All decision-making is facilitated with the possibility of remote or on-site access to the entire stock of samples and processes.

The Manager works online or offline from any location.

RFID and QR Code technologies allow routine tasks to be carried out much faster and more optimized. For example, the RFID reader can access all the data from a specific case in seconds without removing it mechanically, avoiding unnecessary movements and losses.

Replacement of the metal plate with practical TAGs, avoiding cuts. Much more safety for the operator.

Undoubtedly, one of the most essential features of Smart Case is data security for effective and accurate consultation. Using digital data collection tools with automatic validations allows information regarding boxes and drillings to be more reliable, free from handling errors and easily accessible for the team.

Even with prolonged storage in a suitable case, there is a risk of improper movement and loss of samples. However, this risk is highly reduced with the technology, quality and durability of the Smart Case.

The Manager System records all movements to ensure traceability over drillings and boxes, allowing easy access to their storage location, current condition, and status.


Core Case Tech’s Manager Software and Smart Cases can be easily integrated with other systems, such as core scanners, increasing the reliability of information and productivity of these systems. The software also integrates different areas of geology, such as core file management and artificial intelligence.

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