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At our CORE, we are about Preservation

The use of wooden boxes for transporting and storing diamond core samples created a number of difficulties, which were common to many companies in the mining industry. Core Case developed new products for this task, which offered a new alternative to the market, that solves these issues and brings other benefits. Core Case’s boxes and accessories are produced in 100% recycled and recyclable plastic (Polypropylene – PP). They have an ergonomic design. They are tough, light and easy to carry. In fact, they are more durable than boxes made of wood or other materials.

They also reduce the impact on the environment by reducing reliance on wood and reducing the amount of plastic waste, by recycling it for the manufacturing of the cases.

What’s more, Core Case continues to invest heavily in technology and innovation. We are always searching for ways to make our products work better for the sector, while still having respect for the environment.


Core Case’s objective is to preserve the planet through responsible exploration, fostering sustainability. We are committed to constantly improving our processes and developing innovative solutions in order to limit negative environmental impacts (whenever possible) and minimize the production of waste that is harmful to nature.


Generate economic gains for members, business partners and customers through the sustainable manufacture and commercialization of plastic products for the mining segment


To be the global leader in the segment of packaging for the storage of geological drilling core samples until 2030.


  • Quality – We want our products to be recognized for their high quality.
  • Innovation – We always intend to innovate our products in order to better meet customer needs.
  • Environment – We are committed to improve our processes and develop innovative solutions in order to limit negative environmental impacts and minimize the production of waste that is harmful to nature.

Testing and R&D Lab

Zero Waste and ISO 9001 certified Manufacturing

Core Case’s principle is to make everything from 100% recycled materials. However, the recycling process can eventually lead to a lesser quality of material, due to contaminants. In order to improve production and ensure the best quality for our customers, Core Case set up a laboratory, alongside the factory, to analyze the raw material before it enters the production line. The testing ensures that the products meet customers’ expectations, when it comes to strength and durability. We can trust that there will be no breakages, deformation or cracks, because we know the material used is up to standard.


CORE CASE is a Brazilian-Canadian company with 13 years of existence that consolidated itself in the mining market and is present in the most important companies in the segment. The company has an office in Canada, three offices in Brazil and is in the process of expanding to other South American countries.



After extensive research and testing, Daniel Bortowski and Flávio Ramos founded the company with the aim of improving the conditioning of drill cores in mining in an ergonomic, resistant, and sustainable way. From this pioneering vision came the first case mould, "Generation I".

First Sale

We celebrated our first sale. This significant milestone resulted from a collective effort and tangible proof of the quality and relevance of our product. Besides validating our initial vision, it also motivated us to continue innovating and improving our products and services to meet market needs.

First Exhibition

Core Case's debut at Exposibram was brimming with opportunities, one of Brazil's most prominent mining fairs. The exhibition not only allowed us to make valuable connections in the industry but also inspired us to continue innovating and enhancing our purpose to meet market needs.

Creation of Generation II

After extensive research and numerous changes, we completed the production of the first moulds of our "Geração II" line, representing the best case on the mining market and also becoming our main product. This milestone was made possible thanks to our team's commitment to constantly innovating and improving our products.

Creation of Adapt

Creation and first sale of the Adapt Line: a personalized project according to the customer's needs. It is an utterly versatile case, adaptable to the core sample and project types to be achieved. It has the same characteristics and qualities as Core Case cases.

PDAC - Canada

We got our first exposure at an international PDAC event in Canada. This significant milestone has given us a unique opportunity to showcase our products and services to a global audience, establish valuable industry connections and strengthen our presence in the international market.

Collection and We Nature

Expanding Core Case's sustainable pillar, we launched the Core Case Collection: a line of sustainable adventure clothing. At the same time, we established the We Nature Project in partnership with the NGO Eco Local Brasil, which is focused on cleaning beaches. The waste collected is sorted and reused for new products, reinforcing our commitment to the circular economy and preserving the environment.

Petro Case and Export

This significant milestone coincides with the launch of the Petro Case line, a customized offering to meet the specific needs of our customers in the petroleum industry, and the expansion of our global reach with our product line.

Core Case Tech and Chip Case

We initiated Core Case Tech, an innovative division that offers a complete system for managing drilling cores. At the same time, we launched the Chip Case, a case designed for reverse circulation (RC) drilling with the same quality and innovation standards as the whole Core Case line.


Core Case Trays was founded in Canada as an international extension of Core Case, seeking to offer innovative and sustainable solutions to the mining industry. Additionally, we are proud to have been selected as a finalist in the World Sustainability Awards, which reflects our commitment to sustainability and innovation across our operations.


Core Case was recognized as the winner of the Fritz Müller Prize. This award recognizes companies that stand out for their sustainable and innovative practices. Furthermore, we received Lixo Zero Certification, achieving 91.62% landfill diversion. We were also recognized as one of the ten best companies in Latin America by Metals & Mining Review.


Core Case was highlighted in Global Business Reports for its exceptional global presence. Likewise, we are honoured to share that we expanded our exports to more than ten countries, further strengthening our position as a leading provider of core storage solutions.

We supply customers from every part of the mining industry, particularly in relation to base, ferrous and precious (gold, silver, platinum) metals, drilling companies, geotechnical engineering, rock mechanics, environmental, etc. Our aim is to add value to the production processes of the largest extraction companies of natural resources (mining, oil and gas), prioritizing long-term sustainability, by providing the best designs and the best functionality to protect geological core samples in a way that is safe and eco-friendly. 


In addition to sustainable products, Core Case develops actions that favor the development of projects related to corporate governance, environmental and social sustainability. Check out how these ongoing projects are carried out and that are part of Core Case’s daily life.

The Project aimed to actually clean up waste in beaches, as well as the sand bar and cliff areas, which is very important for the local biodiversity development.

The project was managed and executed by ECO LOCAL BRASIL NGO, partner of and sponsored by Core Case.


Core Case’s objective is to preserve the planet through responsible exploration, fostering sustainability. We are committed to constantly improving our processes and developing innovative solutions in order to limit negative environmental impacts (whenever possible) and minimize the production of waste that is harmful to nature.

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