ADAPTER HQ2 - Core Case



Adapter for whole sample. Dimensions  
  • Length: 108 cm / 42.52”
  • Width: 29,36 cm / 11.56”
  • Height: 6,43 cm / 2.53”
  • Storage capacity: 3 m / 9.84 ft
  • Adapter weight:  0,945 kg / 2.08 lbs
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Box with adapter and whole sample.

Box without adapter and split sample.


Case + Adapter

For whole or split sample

Case + Adapter + Lid

Ensuring samples are better protected.

Case + Adapter + Case

Using the case as a cover, keeps the contents safe, while saving time and money.

Raw Material, Manufacture and Recycling

  • Polypropylene (PP) – 100% recyclable;
  • Made by plastic injection molding;
  • Can be recycled after use;
  • Will last for over 20 years under normal storage conditions;
  • Chemically inert material. No risk of contamination or chemical reaction with the samples;
  • Light. Can be transported in bulk to help reduce shipping costs;
  • Can be stacked, in accordance with company safety occupational safety standards.

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Front Drain System — Water drainage system on the ends to avoid material from one box being contaminated by another.


Molded grip to make it easier and safer to handle and transport the boxes.


Stack Locking System — Side-linking system to join boxes together, to make them safer and easier to stack and transport.


The efficient locking system for the box cover makes transportation safer.


Core Rail System — The most efficient system on the market for inserting and locking gap separators.


The most efficient system on the market for adding and securing layer dividers (Core Shocks).


Safe and easy system for labelling the drill core.


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