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3 benefits of purchasing a patented product

You may have heard the term “Patent” or even that a product is “Patented”. But what does that really mean?

According to the INPI (National Institute of Industrial Property), a patent is a temporary property title over an invention or utility model, granted by the State to inventors or authors or other natural or legal persons holding rights over the creation. 

With this right, the inventor or patent holder has the right to prevent third parties, without their consent, from producing, using, offering for sale, selling or importing a product subject to their patent and/or a process or a product obtained directly through a process. patented by him.

To innovate is to risk to transform

Innovation is in our DNA.

Regardless of the sector, the biggest challenge for a company is to create value and make a difference in the consumer’s life with an original and authentic proposal, which is capable of representing, in fact, the essence and vision of the brand, and solving it completely. your client’s pain. 

Creating something new is not easy, but innovating is a choice for companies that want to stand out and leave a positive legacy for those who trust their solutions.

The use of wooden boxes for transport and packaging of drill cores used in the mineral sector brought operational difficulties, common in many companies in the mining sector. 

To offer a new alternative to the market and solve this problem, Core Case developed solutions and plastic products with the same purpose, but with several advantages.

And that’s where the Patent comes into play.

Core Case product innovations are protected by Patents and Industrial Design Registration in Brazil and abroad, in addition to having ISO 9001 Quality Certification.

Petro Case – one of the Core Case solutions that has been patented.

INNOVATION is one of the pillars that accompanies Core Case, and protecting our creation is fundamental.

However, does this benefit only favor the company or does it also provide benefits to the consumer?

Benefits of purchasing a patented product

1.Transparency and security 

From the moment the inventor receives his patent, he is obliged to disclose in detail all the technical content of the patented material/product. In other words, this guarantees transparency and provides security to the consumer, as he will be sure that he has all the necessary information when purchasing such a product. 

2.Increase in qualified competition

By purchasing a product that has a patent, you are informing the market that it is necessary to develop high quality products and encourage competitors to seek technological alternatives to stand out in the market.

3.Guarantee of exclusivity

By placing your trust in patented products, you guarantee that you are not purchasing a solution that is considered a “copy” and that you are in fact investing in something exclusive in the market and that will bring the best solutions for your business. 

Core Case continues to invest heavily in technology and innovation with the intention of making its products more and more suited to the needs of the sector, while fully respecting the environment.

Did you already know the benefits of the patent? 

Discover our solutions and be surprised. 

Where there is quality mining, there is Core Case.

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