Project We Nature is one the 23rd Fritz Müller Award's winners - Core Case

Project We Nature is one the 23rd Fritz Müller Award’s winners

Annually, the Environment Institute of Santa Catarina  (IMA) recognizes, through the Fritz Müller Award, companies that stand out for environmental practices. The award is the state’s main honor in this sense, aiming at projects and initiatives that go beyond the current environmental legislation. Project We Nature is one of the 23rd Fritz Müller Award’s winners.

On June 29, 2022, the winners names of the award 23rd edition were announced, which included the registration of 88 projects or actions.

Project We Nature was made possible by the Brazilian-Canadian company Core Case, and won the “Socio-environmental Projects” category.

About Core Case

In short, Core Case has been producing recycled items for the mining sector for over 10 years and, almost three years ago, it launched a line of clothing and accessories focused on sustainability. The brand also developed ecological products made from waste collected in the beach cleaning efforts, by Project We Nature.

We Nature

So, in 2021, as a result of a partnership with NGO Eco Local Brazil, collective efforts carried out by the project were responsible for collecting 43 tons of waste from beaches on the South Coast of Brazil. In addition to collective efforts that engage volunteers and institutions linked to the environmental cause, We Nature also classifies all the material found, giving it the most appropriate destination. 

This way, everything is planned. In the moments preceding each action, participants are instructed on how the activity will take place. First, gloves, garbage bags and instructions for collection are distributed. Therefore, these wastes impact on the environment is reinforced. With that, the purpose is making an awareness work. At the end of each action, the residues found are weighed and classified.

Certainly, a very relevant information about this project is that 100% of what is collected in environmental actions is used. In other words, most of the waste is sent for recycling. Items that would normally be discarded in landfills, as they are considered non-recyclable, are transformed into raw material to manufacture tables, benches, and ecological plant pots. This is an innovative process, which makes a big difference in the use of waste and resulted in this important state recognition, making project We Nature one of the 23rd Fritz Müller Award’s winners.

The Fritz Müller Award also highlighted environmental initiatives by Epagri, Portobello, Cooperativa Aurora, Whirlpool, BMW do Brazil, GDC Alimentos S.A (Gomes da Costa), Schulz Compressores, RPPN Catarinense and Escola da Fazenda.

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