CORE CASE Suprimentos de Sondagem e Geologia Ltda., a legal entity governed by private law, registered with the CNPJ (Brazilian National Registry of Legal Entities) under number 13.052.247/0002-84, headquartered at Highway 280, nº 7355, 10, Itinga, Araquari, Santa Catarina, Zip code 89245-000, Brazil, values the privacy of its customers, suppliers and employees, which is why it created this Privacy Policy to demonstrate its commitment to the protection of personal data, to explain to the data owner what data is hereby collected, how it is collected, what treatment is given, among other essential information in relation to personal data.

Users: all individuals who will use or visit the website, emancipated and fully capable of performing acts of civil life or those who are absolutely or relatively incapable, duly represented or assisted.

Personal Data: any information provided and/or collected by Core Case, by any means, even if public, that: (I) identifies, or that, when used in combination with other information handled by Core Case, identifies an individual; or (II) through which an individual’s identification or contact information can be derived. Personal Data may be in any media or format, including electronic or computer records, as well as paper-based files.

Purpose: the objective that Core Case wants to achieve from each act of processing personal information.

Necessity: justification for which it is strictly necessary to collect personal data, to achieve the purpose, avoiding excessive collection.

Legal basis: legal basis that makes the processing of personal data for a specific purpose by Core Case legitimate.

Consent: express and unequivocal authorization given by the user who owns the personal data for Core Case to process their personal data for a previously described purpose, in which the legal basis necessary for the act requires the express authorization of the holder.

By accessing and/or using the Core Case website (, the user declares to have full and express capacity to accept the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy and the Consent Term for all purposes of right.

If the user does not fit the description above and/or does not agree, even in part, with the terms and conditions contained in this Privacy Policy, he/she should not access and/or use the services offered by Core Case.

The user is aware that when registering and/or filling out forms offered by Core Case, certain Personal Data requested will be kept confidential and will only be used for the purposes defined below:

Collected data

Purpose of data processing

Legal basis


Name, email and phone.

If the data owner wants to contact Core Cose by any means (by telephone, personally or via website) to request information or make requests.


I agree to provide my name, phone number and email address for Core Case to return my contact or request for information.

Core Case will store the information collected on its own servers or those contracted by it in the cloud.

Core Case uses reasonable market and legally permitted means to preserve the privacy of the data collected. In this way, for example, take the following precautions:

i. When necessary, Core Case uses standard and market methods to encrypt and store the collected data;

ii. Core Case has protection against unauthorized access to its systems;

iii. Core Case only authorizes the access of previously authorized persons to the place where the collected information is stored;

iv. Those who get in touch with the information commit to maintain absolute confidentiality. The breach of confidentiality will result in civil liability and the person responsible will be held liable in accordance with Brazilian legislation; and

Core Case adopts the best efforts to preserve the privacy of users’ data. However, no website is completely secure and Core Case cannot fully guarantee that all information that travels through the pages will not be subject to unauthorized access perpetrated through methods designed to obtain information improperly.

Core Case may disclose personal data collected from third parties in the following situations and within the limits authorized by law:

i. For administrative purposes such as: research, planning, service development, security and risk management;

ii. For the purpose of delivering the service contracted with Core Case;

iii. When necessary to comply with a legal obligation, determination of competent authority or judicial decision.

In some cases, Core Case may disclose the personal data collected in order to comply with applicable legislation or by means of a judicial or administrative order or subpoena.

Legal disclosure may be made to:

i. Comply with legislation;

ii. investigate, impede or take measures related to cooperation with public bodies or to protect national security;

iii. Execution of contracts;

iv. Investigation and defense of claims by third parties;

v. Protection of the security or integrity of the services;

Core Case will retain information from users only for the period of purpose for which that information was processed, including security of processing, with legal and regulatory obligations and for the establishment, exercise or defense of legal claims.

Cookies are files or information that may be stored on your devices when you visit Core Case pages. Generally, a cookie contains the name of the website that originated it, its lifetime and a value, which is randomly generated.

Core Case uses cookies to facilitate use and better adapt its pages to your interests and needs, as well as to compile information about the use of sites and services, helping to improve their structures and content. Cookies can also be used to speed up your activities and future experiences on the pages.

After the user consents to the use of cookies, when using the Core Case pages, a cookie will be stored on your device to remember this in the next session.

At any time, the user can revoke their consent to cookies, so they must delete cookies from Core Case pages using the settings of their preferred browser.

Finally, we remind you that if the user does not accept some cookies from the Core Case pages, certain services may not work optimally.

The Core Case website contains links to websites maintained by third parties that are not under the control or supervision of Core Case. These sites may have their own privacy and customer service policies or no policies at all. We suggest that you read the privacy policies of other sites to see how your personal information will be handled before providing your personal information to these sites.

In compliance with the applicable regulations, with regard to the processing of personal data, Core Case respects and guarantees the user the possibility of submitting requests.

The user may request and have access to their rights, through a direct request with Core Case through the email address [email protected] or directly on the website, through the Contact tab.

Core Case will make every effort to fulfill such requests in the shortest possible time.

If Core Case modifies this policy, such changes will be published visibly on the website, as well as, whenever possible, the user will be informed.

Core Case makes itself available to solve any doubts or requests from users through the address on the website on the contact page.

This Policy will be governed, interpreted and executed in accordance with the data protection laws in force.

Charlottetown, September, 2022.

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