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Mining Technologies

Like many other industrial sectors, mining is constantly undergoing technological advances, enhancing the development of the industry. The major challenges in mining today are finding new deposits that are economically feasible, along with developing measures to make the processes of a mining project more sustainable. In a world where there is increasing demand for mineral resources but also requiring a more sustainable outlook for the industry, new technologies are critical in all phases of a mining project.

They can promote everything from improved characterization and selection of areas for sampling, development of geological models, improved data storage and management, mine planning, mining and transportation, monitoring, and even closure and environmental recovery of a mine. These aspects comprise reducing the time and expenses of a project, as well as reducing environmental impacts. There are several technologies that can be used in a mining project.

The latest trends in mining technology indicate a compelling industry shift to provide a truly modern, safe, and productive mine that meets the growing demand for extracted materials while exceeding customer expectations and global sustainability initiatives.

In a world where there is increasing demand for mineral resources but also requiring a more sustainable outlook for the industry, new technologies are critical in all phases of a mining project.

Technological innovations in the mining industry

Spatial data view

Spatial data is becoming more detailed and clearer than ever in mining. Three-dimensional (3D) modeling creates a visible, realistic impression with depth perception that allows the human brain to understand and relate to complex interrelated issues. 3D modeling helps companies to rethink the mine more efficiently.

Virtual Reality (VR) is an artificially created software environment that uses real-life data. The virtual environment immerses people into a 3D environment created by the user. VR presents an enhanced impression to help miners experience what it’s like to work in a mine or plan a new mine without an on-field presence.

Augmented Reality (AR) superimposes a digital view onto a real-world environment. AR achieves this by enhancing the user’s visual field with computer-generated inputs such as sound, video, applications, and graphics. Miners use augmented reality to train using virtual simulators, which also helps the industry reduce equipment maintenance costs.

By using new technologies such as spatial data effectively, the mining industry gains insights into mining systems at a reduced cost and impact on the environment.

Geographic Information Systems

Geographic information systems (GIS) are an integral tool that allows deeper insight into how geographic relationships influence the world around us. Geospatial data represents the location, size, and shape of an object. By visualizing this type of data, miners get more information about the represented system or mine environment.

GIS is used to obtain information about:

  • Mineral exploration
  • Geochemical and hydrological data
  • Report generation
  • Facility and waste management
  • Sustainability and regulatory compliance

In mining today, geospatial data software allows us to train mine managers and employees in new ways and improve the long-term understanding of mining with virtual interpretations of real-life environments.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) now leads decision making in insight-driven companies. They use intelligent data and machine learning to improve operational efficiency, mine safety, and production workflow. Implementing artificial intelligence technology generates day-to-day data in half the time of what was previously used in the field.

The mining industry is evolving rapidly, so machine learning and AI affect the way decisions are made today for the future of mines. Some ways in which AI affects the operating mine:

  • Mineral processing and exploration: Companies can find minerals more easily using high-performance AI technology.
  • Autonomous vehicles and drillers: For more than eight years, companies around the world have used autonomous vehicles in their pit-to-pit operations. Autonomous trucks can easily navigate narrow tunnels by using AI. Now, drilling systems are also simplified with a single operator controlling multiple drills simultaneously.

As the mining industry tries to reduce costs and lessen its environmental impact, the use of mining equipment like AI helps ensure safety and reliability for both miners and the land the mines use.

CORE TECH: intelligent and integrated system for the mining industry

Data management during the mining stages is essential for a better project development.

In addition to the correct storage of core samples, Core Case Tech is developing a complete and innovative system to manage drill cores.

The integrated system will act as a whole, starting in the field using a digital data collection via tablet or smartphone. Also in the field, the drill core data will be applied in the cases.

In the storage shed, QR CODE and RFID data will be read by the Core Case Tech’s system. It can be accessed on multiple devices and from any location.

This reading will be done through the Core Case Tech management software, which gets the most accurate information from the collected drill cores and can include photos and other information without physically accessing the drill cores. All in a simple and digital way!

See how it will work:

The purpose of this technology is to save time, reduce and, if possible, totally eliminate the possibility of errors arising in the acquisition and annotation process that occur when extracting the drill core, passing through description, sampling, and final storage.

The management system will work as a facilitator for on-field working professionals, core shop and office, using digital features to analyze geological and drilling data. Saving time, adding assertiveness, and thus reducing as much as possible the inherent bias and errors in the usual process.

TOP Mining Tech  – Company Award in APAC 2022

Core Case was highlighted at TOP Mining Tech Award – Company in APAC 2022, and this is yet another recognition for a work that strives for process improvement, sustainability, and application of cutting-edge technologies in the mining industry.

The award is granted by important international media Metals & Mining Review that operates in the technology and mining industry identifying the most relevant companies for professionals and their industry. Published in Florida, present in Europe and also in emerging countries.


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