Core Case won the Top Mining Tech 2022 award from Metals Mining Review magazine - Core Case

Core Case won the Top Mining Tech 2022 award from Metals Mining Review magazine

Core Case was highlighted at TOP 10 Mining Tech Award – Company in APAC 2022, and this is yet another recognition for a work that strives for process improvement, sustainability, and application of cutting-edge technologies in the mining industry.

The award is granted by important international media Metals & Mining Review that operates in the technology and mining industry identifying the most relevant companies for professionals and their industry. Published in Florida, present in Europe and also in emerging countries.

Core Case is bringing a much-needed sustainable transformation to the minerals mining industry with its environmentally-friendly, recycled plastic boxes for storing geological core samples. With an emphasis on innovation and environmental responsibility, Core Case’s boxes are designed by geologists with extensive experience in mineral extraction. The core boxes not only help reduce plastic waste through recycling, but also diminish the detrimental environmental impact of using wood products. It’s no surprise Core Case has become a forerunner in adherence to ESG norms.

To drive environment-consciousness in its product lines further, Core Case will continue to leverage sustainable technology

Pioneering in recycled raw materials use

TOP 10 Mining Tech – Company in APAC 2022.

In a unique and visionary environmentally-conscious move, Core Case was one of the early pioneers in using recycled plastics—as opposed to virgin plastic—to build its core boxes. Since the company’s inception 11 years ago, Core Case has been firm in its approach to enabling eco-friendly, sustainable mining operations by leveraging sophisticated recycling technologies and materials. In the initial stages, procuring recycled materials and processing them to produce core boxes was a challenge.

Moving ahead of its initial product line, Core Case today has access to vast amounts of recyclable plastics courtesy of its suppliers and top-notch in-house recycling processes. This has enabled the company to build its robust product line of core boxes, namely Generation IGeneration IIAdaptPetro Case (for the oil and gas industry) and Chip Case (for RC drilling).

Its team of qualified professionals determines and identifies the parameters of the plastics to be used in core box production, analyzes the recycled raw materials for core box manufacturing, and establishes routines for quality testing, post-production, in the company’s laboratory.

Customer Centricity

The company is defined not just by its innovative, sustainable approach to enabling efficiencies in the mineral extraction industry but also by its customercentric operational processes that enable meeting customers’ varied sample storage requirements well within deadlines.

A notable illustration of Core Case’s dedication to going the extra mile is its Adapt product line. A leading national mining company in Brazil needed adjustable core boxes to boost their sample storage capacity, as well as make it easier to stack the boxes in warehouses. In response to the client’s customization request, Core Case designed and developed the Adapt line. The company modified its existing core boxes by adding a detachable adapter that helps reduce box size. The adapter allows the adjustment of samples storage space in the boxes as per their solid and soft states. This tailor-made product enabled the customer to triple their storage capacity in the warehouse, compared to conventional wooden boxes. The success of this product prompted Core Case to transform it into an entirely new product line.

Material analysis laboratory

The latest addition to Core Case’s offerings is its technology division and business branch, Core Case Tech, launched to improve geological core sample data collection and access. The object of this system is to save time, reduce and, if possible, eliminate any possibility of errors that might occur while taking and recording the information generated by taking core samples: such as the description, sampling details and final storage. The management system is able to help workers who are out in the field, where samples are stored or in the office, by using electronic resources to analyze the geological information and that of the sample. It saves time and creates confidence in the data, by removing many of the inherent mistakes that can result from the conventional process.

A future focused on sustainable technology and expansion

To drive environment-consciousness in its product lines further, Core Case will continue to leverage sustainable technology. “Our focus will be on aligning our product to technology that provides more security, sustainability, and agility when it comes to mining-related processes,” states Flávio Ramos, Administrative Director at Core Case. 

Core Case also looks forward to spreading its footprint into more foreign markets. Already well-established in Brazil and commencing business operations in Canada, the company plans to gain a stronger foothold in the Latin American market. With that goal, Core Case will also oversee the development of products better suited to international mining markets. In essence, Core Case will continue on its mission to bring novel, sustainable geological core sample storage solutions to the mining and related industries, transforming and augmenting drilling, extraction, and sampling operations across the mineral exploration sector.

Mold from Generation II product line

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